RML Regional Sales Manager Ed Martyn and his wife Lucille

      Ed Martyn was a Regional Sales Manager for Rocky Mountain Life and was transferred to Calgary in 1969. At that time Ed & Lucille had seven children (soon to be 8) and they moved into the brand-new community of Willow Park, which was under construction at that time. This historic picture was taken outside of their new home in 1969.

      On September 23, 2023, 54 years later, Ed & Lucille returned to that very same spot to re-create this photo. While the people are the same, we can't guarantee it is the same car (even though we have a 1 in 98 chance it is).  Ed proudly wore his original RML purple sweater. Ed advised us that when a salesperson got their car, they also got a purple sweater with it.

A very special moment indeed and we hope to be able to post Ed's story here at a later date.

 That very same day 54 years ago, Lucille with their seven children.